yeast infection agenn?

i just finshed a 3day anti fungal cream for a yeast infection now two days later my cecretion smells what could it be ..that it didnt kill all of it? while having sex i smelled the oder and got mad = [ help

Hi yes it could be that once u kill the yeast it can cause u to have a bacteria infection. I have an ongoing problem when I kill the yeast infections it causes me to have bacteria infections. I know what u mean with the intercourse one day I thought I was clear from yeast or bacterial infection then My boyfriend jumped right off me because of the odor. it was imbarrasing. I went to the doc. and he said it was a bacterial infection. When I asked if that was do to a std or something he said no u can get them very easy by wearing thongs, Certain soaps, not cleaning out after intercourse etc. U should go get a pap smear or pelvic exam to see what it could be. hope it gets better for u.

it sounds like bacterial vaginosis....... it has a fishy kinda smell especially DURING or AFTER sex...... a yeast infection cream will not treat the bacteria.... you could just have the bacteria infection and it keeps re-occuring..... its easily fixed and like dutchess123 said its not an std.... just an overgrowth in bacteria..... go to the dr and tell them you think you have bacterial vaginosis and have them swab ya for it.... they will give you the meds and you will feel (and smell) :-) alot better!~

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