Vagina area smells like body odor

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I have. Im 20 years old and lately I've noticed that my vagina smells like body odor, the same kind of smell under arms smell like when sweating and no deodorant. I dont know why all of a sudden I smell like this. After paying close attention to it for about the last few weeks I've noticed that it only smells when I wear skirts or dresses all day. When I wear shorts I dont have the problem. Can anyone relate to this or know what may be causing it? Could this be from sitting at a desk all day with my thighs touching and causing them to sweat? Anything would help! Thanks.

I am probably a poor one to comment as I simply love the smell of dirty knickers and the smell you are talking about but you are you and you have every right to decide how to manage your body. We have sweat glands all over our bodies. Under our arms smell of onions and the same can apply to around our bottoms as some of the sweat glands there are similar. As for inside the legs where our thighs touch, a body smell arises. The vagina is sterile if it is healthy as the natural discharge kills any germs. It is only when the moisture reaches the outside world that natural and harmless bacteria get to work and produce a smell. Nature dictates that this smell is attractive to men (or many men) and this is one of the things that turn a man on for sex. Obviously the smell may not be liked by the woman concerned and she will wish to eliminate it as much as possible. My suggeastion is that you can use wet wipes when you visit the toilet but only wipe the outside area. Do not use any chemical deodorant as it can cause inflamation which could spread inside and make matters worse. Around puberty, we humans take on a "Grown up" smell as our sweat glands mature and this leads to a body smell. You might like to take a quick shower each morning (you may be doing this already) or wipe yourself with a warm wet flannel (face cloth) with plain water. A quick squib of perfume or toilet water aimed at your thighs might help but take care as the smell mixes with your natural smell and becomes quite unpleasant, or at least I think so. Diet can influence body smell and eating garlic, which is very good for you, can make you sweat a garlic type smell. Eating other strong foods can do the same. Actually, I suggest you spray your neck, wrists and behind your ears with perfume as this will make you smell really wonderful to both yourself and others. Wearing a skirt or dress should help matters as air can circulate, while wearing shorts may actually increase the sweating although it may be covered up. Maybe you could ask yourself if you have changed your eating habits or if there have been any other changes in your life that could be the cause. Maybe you have become more aware of your body smell which possibly has not changed or maybe it is the natural change I mentioned above at puberty and your body has done this for you maybe later than for some others. Finally, I should not worry about it if I were you as I doubt that others notice it and if you are sure you have no infection down there and you have not started taking any medication that could be the cause, just ensure you are normally clean, as I am sure you are, and go out and enjoy yourself as a young, and I am sure, very attractive young lady.

I started having this problem exactly as you explained. It started 13 years ago. Doctors tried telling me its my imagination, until one day I made sure I did not shower prior to Dr visit. Then I asked her "Is it still my imagination or is it your imagination now?" while she was down there. She confirmed it. It was foul. No STD's, No infections. No solutions offered. Its NOT your thighs. Its NOT Yeast or BV. You have glands down there. Google vaginal glands "images". There are glands that secrete fluid, once any type of bacteria touches it then it forms a foul BO odor, sometimes comparable to unwashed belly button, onions, or the foul armpit w/o deodorant. I tried everything you could buy online. I found one product that finally worked after all these years. Its called "Norforms" in the purple box. Use suppositories once daily. It has to be used everyday. After 24 hrs it wears off. This is the only solution I have ever found. My odor was horrid. I could clear a room. I finally got my life back after 13 years! I had to work grave shifts to avoid exposing my odor to co workers. My social life ended. I havent been able to have sex last 13 years. Now its all over with. I have my life back and wish the same for you.

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