Could this be something really serious?

I have searched the internet and can not find a situation like mine. I currently have a bump on my right Libra. It has been there for months now. It was not a bother at first but now it pops and when it does it is puss and blood filled. It use to be big and hard around the bump but I squeeze it Every time it pops to get all the blood and puss out. Also form me squeezing it the hard surrounding of the bump as got smaller. Still the bump remains . It pops like always crust over and heal. Then it builds enough puss and pops and start's over. It's getting annoying. The bump does itch every once in a while but not often. It is also not painful. When it pops I apply alcohol and put a band aid over it to try to avoid infection. Yes I am sexually active but it has been with the same person for 3 year's. Anyways I have no idea what this could be. Can anyone help?

See a doctor and get checked for all STDs and virus-based issues.

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