Question About Lump inside Of Vagina

     This is an embarrassing question to say the least, but it is concerning me.  I really would prefer a medical professional answer this because I'm trying to get to the bottom of what this is.  I am a 18 year old female that has 2 lumps INSIDE my vagina at the opening, one on each side at at the bottom.  They have been there for years, every since I was a young teenager (13, 14 years old mabye younger). They cause no symptoms and I don't feel anything at all.  They are about the size of a pea, or slightly smaller, and it looks like the same color and muscle type as my vaginal wall.  I am concerned because it blocks almost my entire vaginal opening, and inserting anything in there is near impossible.  I'm not sexually active and have never been, but I can imagine that sex would be near impossible.  I had a yeast infection several months ago and tried to insert a moinistat applicator -- talk about pain!  It wouldn't go in, and I had to literally "find" my actual vaginal canal by trying to move the lumps out the way.  It scared me because for a moment I was beginning to believe I didn't have a vaginal canal.  It isn't an STD or anything of that sort, like I said I've never had sex at all and it's been there since I was a child.  What could this be?  

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