Tampon Stuck???

I feel like a total idiot.  I got drunk lastnight and I normally am not a forgetful person but, I noticed later on in the evening that I didn't have a tampon string hanging when I went to use the restroom.  I Was at several places that evening and I for the life of me, I cannot figure out if I took out the tampon at some point when I used the bathroom earlier in the evening.  I am freaking out.  This has never happened before.  I looked and stuck my finger inside my vagina to feel if anything was there.  I could not feel anything. I know I put a tampon in before I left my house and I am certain of that.  If there was a tampon lodged in there, would I be able to feel it?  Is it possible that it is in there so far that I wouldn't be able to feel for it?  PLEASE HELP, I am in a panic.    

Thanks for the advice. Everything is clear. I traced my steps of that night and figured out that I took the tampon out. I figure that if there was one in there lodged that I would have been able to feel it anyhow. You can just never be too sure.

Well, my mother had a tampon become stuck. She started to think that maybe she had taken it out...but a week later she noticed something wasn't right. It was indeed lodged up in there. Breeding ground for nasty stuff. Hope you are sure.

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