I am on Birth Control and Started my period when I was suppose to. Can I still be Pregnant?

Okay, I am really good about taking my pills and I have my period at the same time every month.  In the past few days my breasts have become tender and kind of hurt.  I am supposed to start my period again not this coming saturday but the next.  Can I still be Pregnant?

I am currently on the pill due to fibriods. I had to try many different pills to get the right fit. 2 of the pills gave me no period at all. The one that I am on now I get my period the wrong week every month. The doctor said as long as I get a period, do not worry about when I am getting it. I have heard of people who get pregnant on the pill, but it is a rare few. I wouldn't be very concerned at this point. Wait and see. If you are very nervous, try taking a home pregnancy test to see those results.

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