Girls: Do you hate shaving?

I just thought about posting this question because I think it's a pain in the a** to shave all the time. Shaving could include anywhere you shave.

Never use to mind shaving my legs...but now that I'm getting sicker, I don't shave except once a month. People ask me why I don't wear shorts in the summertime, it's mainly because I don't shave my legs. But also because I don't have the balance, the strength, nor the stamina to shave my legs. I do have an electric razor, but having to use one of those things every couple of days gets old. If I don't show my legs, no one will wonder, so I wear pants or jeans all year round. My spouse understands when I don't get the razor out to shave though. But, I do miss the silky leg feeling after shaving. That's the only thing I miss. I definitely don't miss the stubbles and the burn and the nicks and

I am lucky, with my fair skin and red hair, I don't have a lot to shave off. I still hate it though! My leg hairs are really thick and coarse, and they do take a bit of extra effort with the shaver. If I leave it go too long..then the shaver clogs up, have to beat the proverbial out of it on the side of the shower, and then I start thinking of my ex-husband shaving his face every day...and bleurgh! Not very womanly at all! So I tend to use a hair removal creme. But funny enough, when the hairs start to grow back in the summer time especially, guess what I reach for in the shower? Yes, my Quattro for Women and my Gillette shave gel for women! Go figure!

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