Does a ruptured cyst ruleout ovarian cancer?

Hello.  I'm 27 years old and I have PCOS so I was told several years ago.  I have semi-normal periods about every 35-45 days.  Within the last two weeks I have had two ruptured cysts (confirmed by ultrasound).  My great grandmother died of ovarian cancer and I'm pretty scared about it.  My question is two fold...first, does having rupturing cysts mean that I probably don't have ovarian cancer?  My GYN has not mentioned it although she is aware of my family history.  I would think that its the cysts/tumors that stick around and grow not ones that rupture would be the ones to worry about right??   Also, how likely is it to get pregnant with this recurring problem.  (and, yes, according to OPK, I am ovulating monthly).  Thanks so much.  I'm really scared about the "cancer" thing.  Any info would be great.

I'm by no means an expert but I would also assume that if the cysts are resolving themselves that they are not cancerous. Keep vigilant and listen to your body. Insist on a transvaginal ultrasound each year as part of your annual physical. I know that some women with PCOS do have a tougher time getting pregnant but many do. There is PCOS forum where you might better get answers to that area. Good luck with everything.

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