hpv and Ovarian Cysts.

Last year i was diagnosed with hpv and I had the colposcopy test done, and it came back that i had number 16 and number 1 (something like that.. i just remember those 2 numbers) But then a few months later after the doctors did a few more pap tests they stated they no longer believe that they are related and are not pre cancer cells. over the last few months i have been having series pelvic pain, and problems urinating. I went to my doctor and they stated that it might have been a kidney infection but there was nothing that came up on the urin test but they gave me antibiotics, and left it as that. after takin them it came back, and today the pain is worse then ever. Could this be and should i call my gyno to be tested for ovarian cysts. I have take pregnancy tests, and they come up negative, but this all seems to be related, and its very concerning esp since many woman in my family have ovarian cysts and cervical cancer, i didnt kno if any or either were heraditary.

Yes, getting a transvaginal ultrasound would be a good thing as your pain could be related to cysts.

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