Recurring Ovarian Cysts, Irregular periods and bone island

I am a 27yr F who has had a long history of large (over 2cm) ovarian cysts. I have recently started having very heavy periods, some that last almost the whole month,and are very painful throughout. I have been in the ER a few times over the last few months and they did a CT scan, found cysts again and also a bone island in my right ischial bone. My mom is now going through chemo for bladder, lymphnode and bone cancer, her just finished treatments for ovarian cancer and my dad's side has a long hx of cancer as well. My question is am I at a greater risk for ovarian cancer and is the bone island something to worry about (my hip hurts when I'm not active and in the morning) and what can I do to regulate my period? Thank you!!!

Hi, I know you've been to the ER a few times, but do you have a regular Gynecologist? That's who, I think, you should be seeing. And, from what I've learned, Ovarian Cancer can be genetic. Now, that doesn't mean that you.get ovarian cancer. It just means that the risk is higher. I would definitely see a Gynecologist and find out how to treat these cysts. Good luck and let us know..

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