So nervous about complex ovarian cyst

I am 67, have complex ovarian cyst on right ovary, 1 cm......have US and CA125 every 6 months.....CA125 ALWAYS normal....I asked for these every 6 months even though my Dr suggested every year.....cyst has been there, unchanged and same size for 2 Dr says since it has not resolved, I should have it checked by  specialist because "down the road" it might become serious .......says it does not appear to be seeing gynoncologist oncologist since it has not resolved....just so worried....sister had ovarian cancer at age 56

I thought, but could be wrong, that if an ovarian cyst is malignant, it will grow. Contrary to what many believe, ovarian cysts are more common in post-menopausal women than many people realize. And just as in pre-menopausal women, they are usually benign. However, it is concerning that your sister had ovarian cancer. Do you know if you carry a gene for ovarian cancer such as BRCA1, BRCA2, or Lynch Syndrome? These links are helpful: Unfortunately, far too many women lose an ovary or ovaries for benign ovarian cysts when periodic monitoring or removal of the cyst itself is all that is needed. Our ovaries produce hormones our whole lives so we don't want to lose one or both unnecessarily. Keep us posted on what you find out from the oncologist.

Can I ask you please what was complex about your cyst ? I have 3 small irregular thick walled cysts largest only 24 x14mm all on one ovary that hasn't changed in size since 1st scan in November I was told the same ovary was enlarged with heterogenous texture (probably these cysts) is it a good sign then they advent grown as I am so concerned about ovarian cancer too thank you Michelle xxx

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