Sciatica following rectocele repair surgery

I had surgery 6 weeks ago for rectocele, cystocele repirs and a sling. I am having horrible pain in the sciatic region of my back. I cannot sit comfortably and I cannot walk for more then a half hour. I also have trouble having a bowel movement....things don't line up right......I have seen my MD and another MD and have got no answers...HELP

I also just had(5-29-08) a cystocele,enterocele, rectocele repair and am having severe burning left leg pain when I have a bowel movement or stand or sit. The rectocele repair was a surprise ot me the am of surgery as I had told dr.I wasn't having any problems with that, just bladder falling into vaginal area. I don't even have an urge to have a bowel movement and couldn,t get past the pain to have one if I didn't start it with a little soap and warm water enema. Called dr.yesterday to tell him--he gave me more pain med and I will see him on Thur. The pain is terrible.

Prior to my surgery I had horrible pain like that in my back....sciatic region...the surgery took most of it away. I have a tiny bit but nothing compared to what I had. It was a miracle for me, that it took away the pain. Try an antiinflammatory med. Also those heat pads with medication in them helped me quite a bit. You know they are adhesive pads and it puts a warmth in there from the medicated pad. I can't think of the name. Heat to the area helped me.

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