Painful Bowel Movements During Period...Endometriosis?

For the past several months, I have been having somewhat severe pelvic and pain in my rectum when attempting to have a bowel movement.  Just sitting down on the toilet to urinate causes everything to hurt.  I'm talking about the kind of pain that will take your breath away, very sharp.  I feel like if I attempt to have a bowel movement I will seriously pass out.  This is only occurring during my period and has me concerned. However, not concerned enough to see a doctor about it because I'm terrified of doctors.  I am 27 and have never been to a gynecologist before, and don't plan on ever going.  I have issues with anxiety.

Well you are 27 and you need to see a gyno to be diagnosed. It sounds like you might have a rectovaginal cyst. In order for it to be found you need to be examined vaginally as well as rectally and they have to go deep to feel it. I had it and it went undetected for 15yrs. I suffered that long until I found a doctor that specialized in endo found it. Have you ever had other cramping during periods or ovulation? I would get your CA-125 checked to see if it is elevated as that is a way to see if you are inflamed which is an indicator of endo.

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