if your pregnant on the pill and you stop taking it do you still bleed

Hi i had sex the day i was due to take my 1st pill of the month on a weds, forgot to take it, took 2 on the thursday, forgot to take it fri, so took 2 sat, got to the end of the box, but had a weekend away so carried on with next box, for about 3 weeks, i have had severe stomach craps and change in my toilet habits, not full stools, i have metalic taste in mouth, on and off nausea through the day, lethargicness, and insomnia, i dont have swollen or tender breasts though, with these symptons i took a test whilst still takin the pill, it came back negative so i stopped taking the pill to see what would happen, i started to bleed yesterday with horrific cramps in back and stomach, along with all above symptoms, is this a fake period and i am likely to be pregnant or am i ok as i have bled

well you might be pregnant because sometimes you bleed the last time because the body will choose if you are pragnant or not ... because i had the same thing thats why but i was not on pill and i was not having a protected sex its because we where planning for a child ... but i am not sure about the thing that you miss the pill and you take 2 ... my friend she do the same like you but till far she never got pragnant again because she already had a child

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