used plan b --could i still be pregnant?

On 1/14 (the day i ovulated), i had sex.  condom broke around 10pm.  took plan b the next morning at 6:30am (8.5 hours later).  i also took plan b last month during my previous cycle and it worked. wondering if plan b may not have worked this time because i was ovulating??  i'm hoping it still worked since i took it less than 12 hours after the "accident." still dont expect my peiod for another 5 days, but have taken 2 tests anyways and both negative.  i'm also not sure WHEN exactly is a good time to test, since i used plan b last month and it could throw off my other words, im not entirely sure when i should be expecting my period. anybody have any input/advice??? thanks!

I am having the same problem i had sex and the condom busted and 13 hours after i took plan b.. i hope im not pergo..

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