Copper IUD HELP!!!

Hey!  I had a copper IUD put in Dec, 2010.  I had the normal bleeding and spotting for the first 4 months.  Then it stopped and I started to get "regular" periods.  In May I had one and I was soaking through a tampon every 30-60min.  This lasted for 24 hours and then went to a tampon about every 2-3 hours, for the next 2 days.  In June, I had the same heavy bleeding, but it lasted about 36 hours and then went to the same as befor.  I mentioned it to my doctor at my daughters 9mon. check up and she said that was NOT normal and decided to try me on 200mg or progesterone for 2 weeks to try and reset the uterine lining and see if that would help?  Do you think I am just going to have to have the IUD out?  I have tried so many different BC and I am just so senstive to all of them.  Currently on the meds I think I am feeling pregnant...I know this is just as side effect.  Just curious if anyone else has had anything similar?  Thanks!  

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