whats your opinion about mirena?

Hello Im a first time mom and my future husband doesnt want us to get preganat just yet. Im not really sure what to do since i want nothing do with depo and i cant seem to remember to take the pill. Ive heard and read some really bad review about mirena.

I had it for 4 years, no issues light periods were nice, I had mine removed in jan in mid of my cycle so my first period was light and I got pregnant but lost my angel last week. It wasn't because of mirena because the doctor told me my lining was thicken and normal for my pregnancy stage. Once I get pregnant and deliver my baby I am etheir getting paraguard the copper or mirena again. Some people have issues some don't. Good luck

I had mine in for 2 years and hated every day of it I would cramp all month and sometimes have 2 periods a month and it was painful during sex and just a horrible experience I got it taken out nov 5th and 15 days later got pregnant I would not recommend it. I would go with the shot!

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