Continue taking pill?

I'm on birth control and I had sex the day before my period was supposed to start, so I continued to take my pills through the course of my period to prevent pregnancy. But now my period will not stop. It's been over ten days, and if anything my period is just getting heavier. My period usually lasts about five or six days, never more than seven. And I've been on the same birth control pill for about eight years. Should I continue taking my pill every night or stop? I just want my period to end!

Depending on what pill you're on, it probably didn't work for you to skip your period. If you're on a tricyclic pill, it is rare that it works to skip a period because the pills have to be taken out of order, you can't just start the next pack. If you're on a monophasic pill then it has a better chance of working but that's still no guarantee because there are some women who aren't able to skip regardless of what pill they are on. You should definitely keep taking your pill because if you interrupt your hormone dose, it will take even longer to get back on track. You need to keep taking it and wait for it to get back to normal. It could take a few more weeks for your hormones to get back to a normal level.

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