Areola color & tanning

I am a 39yrs old and have 2 children.  I have light fair skin and I went to a tanning salon to try to get some color before our family vacation.  I went 6-8 times and was using a stand up tanning booth.  My nipples/areolas have always been a light shade of pink and now I have noticed that my nipples/areolas have turned more light brown in color.  I am no longer tanning but I am concerned that my nipples will never go back to their original pink color.  Have I permanently changed them? I do know how dangerous the sun is and artificial sunlight is and can be even worse. It was something I did for a very short period of time but now I am afraid that I have permanently changed the appreance of my breasts.  If anyone has any information or knowledge about this please respond.  Thank you.

i tanned everyday for 8 months, and you do notice changes like that and it is 100% normal i was an idiot and asked the front counter lady and my doctor because i thought i had burnt them or fried them but apparently it is normal! it tans just like the rest of your body, so its something that should be expected!

This may sound silly, but when I go tanning, I just put chap stick with an SPF on them before going works!

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