Please help. Strange sores on genital area.

I am 14 years old and have had my period for about a year now. A few months ago I developed this strange, hard bump under my skin in the genital area. It became red and seemed to be filled with a mixture of blood and puss. I didn't squeeze it until it came to a head. At that point I squeezed it to remove the puss. It became purple and scarred. Recently I have developed another one located about 2 inches from the first one. It is slightly painful when pressure is applied and makes walking uncomfortable and in it's later stages the pain becomes more prominent. I am not sexually active so it couldn't possibly be an STD.If anyone knows what this is, has a similar problem or has any information about treatments/management I would really appreciate a response. Thank You Jillian

Sounds like boils, which are larget and more painful then the normal pimple. Go to webmd and look up information on boils and how to treat them. Most people opt to treat them at home with hotpacks to get them to come to a head faster and lessen the pain. While you are waiting for it to get to that point, you can put a bandage over it which will lessen the pain you feel when you are walking and moving. After you bandage it, apply powder to your thighs. Buy a antibacterial soap to wash with, and when it pops apply a sanitizer to the antibacterial soap or that liquid stuff people use for their hands when they cant use soap and water..DO NOT PUT THIS STUFF ON THE OPEN SORE!!!!!

It could just be a pimple, you can get them anywhere on your body.

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