ovarian cysts + cancer

my fiance and i had a talk tonight and she told me she has been getting ovarian cysts for a few years now and the doctors say she has cancer is there any way he could be mistaken? is there anything i could do to help? is there anything i should know b4 i go down this long road? also she finds sex very painful this is a reoccuring thing is there any thing i can do to help her with this.. any info is very helpful Thank u kindly

A biopsy will tell all you need to know about the cancer portion of this. More then likely the doctor is correct though. Helping her is going to be hard for you both. She maybe looking at losing her reproductive organs, along with chemo...and let me tell you, losing the ovaries is no small thing. If she has to do that, you need to keep reassuring her that you love her and if you two want kids you can adopt. Menopause is hard to deal with, and will happen without hormone therapy. Pain during intercourse...try not to go in so far, keep her in positions like missionary and you can try the spoon position..you both face the same wall, she spreads her legs so you can get in her...really the best thing you can do is ask her to tell you when it hurts...and go slow so she can help you identify what is causing the pain so you can find ways to avoid it. During this time, communication, empathy, hugs and tons of reading is your best bet. I wish you both the best of luck, and I will keep you both in my prayers. Please encourage her to act quickly so the cancer does not get any worse.

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