bleeding after fished out a tampon!!

So today i fished out a lost tampon.  The tampon got lost as i was pretty much of my period but put one in before i went out... i had sex that night and just completely forgot i even put one in, and it was a small tampon so my boyfriend didn't even notice, plus we were stupid, i know!  Anyways i am still bleeding as if i am not off my period and i'm just wondering if this is normal.  It was stuck for almost 4 days before i found it. The bad order is pretty much gone but i've been bleeding since i took it out this afternoon.  However, i recently started YAZ and hoping maybe i am just spotting as it's very common.  Please HELP!

so you left your tampon in while you were on your period for 4 days....???? GO TO A HOSPITAL

I think the same thing. Oh my god girl do you know what can happen ? Go to the hospital !

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