vigina oder

hi everytime during sex and after sex my girlfriends vagina always gets an oder that smells like "underarms" or like onions. the smell only comes during or after sex, never during oral sex. i was wondering if anyone would know if it would be Bacterial Vaginosis? im trying to find out first before i bring it up to her. thanks an hope u guys can help me.

I agree with trappedatwork, I think that is very sweet of you to look this up for her. In my opinion I think it may just be body oder, especially if she has a lot of hair in "her area"..she can just get some vaginal soap for that, but I am not ruling out BV. BV has more of a fishy oder and it usally appears with discharge. Sometimes it could have the whole room smelling like a can of tuna after sex. Has she said anything about it when she goes to the rest room, cause she should be able to smell it after she uses the restroom. I hope this was helpful.

I think its great that your looking for info to help her instead of just telling her. Thats very sweet. and I agree with CG822. . the doc can make that smell go away !

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