Perimenopause, Anxiety Drugs and Tolerance

I have currently been on Klonopin for the past year, 0.5 grams twice a day.  I recognize the tolerance build-up and now the dependency.  I was placed on the drug because of anxiety and panic attacks.  The attacks now come nearly nightly and during the day.  I don't fear them as I did in the beginning because I recognize that they will soon pass.  My question is how do I wean myself from the Klonopin?  I feel I need it but at the same time it almost seems that the drug is causing the very symptoms from which I'm trying to rid myself.  I find that I get the jitters as the drug wears off.  I often feel like I'm in a fog during the day because I don't rest well at night. I experience tight muscles in the chest, arms, back, neck and head.  My lab work and EKG's come back normal.   Exercise and a healthy diet have been very beneficial but they haven't cured me.  I'm also on birth control pills to help regulate the hormones since my gyn thinks that some of my anxiety is hormonal.  I'm 44 years old.

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