Ugly Vagina

Recently I have noticed that I have a kind of creamy vinegar smelling vaginal discharge. I am sexually active and have had only 1 sex partner.  Also, the inside lining of my vagina seems rough and rigid. The only way to explain it is that it looks like there are tiny tentacles on my vaginal walls... if that makes any sense.  Is something seriosly wrong with me? Do I have a vaginal infection? Is the roughness caused by the large size of my partner and the sometimes rough sex we partake in? Any answers would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!

Thanks for the advice... Do you have any idea what it might be....C my partner is in the military and I trust him and all but do you think he could have cheated on me and transferred some kind of infection to me.... He is the only guy I have been with... This recently started after we had intercourse when he came home for the holidays... Could it be an STD? I'm just freaking out a little bit here and I really wanna know what to expect when I go to my OBGYN...

if your partner is larger then you do need to make sure you use a proper amount of lubrication and than your activity isn't hurting you too badly, it should still be decently comfortable. also make sure you clean yourself after sexual activity and it also help prevents infection if you go pee after sex. i would still go to the doctor and get checked out because it does sound like you may have an infection and might need antibiotics.

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