vaginal perspiration

I am at my wits end! for the last 5 years i have suffered from a very embarrassing problem. My vaginal area has started smelling like body odour, i have trawled the internet for help and finding nothing of any help. I have been to the doctor, i have been tested for EVERYTHING and i mean there was no test left out, i am free from stds, bv and all the other bits. i do suffer from thrush on the odd occasion. I had put on a lot of weight over the years but in the last year lost 3 stone (approx 44lb i think). Im hoping that when my thighs stop meeting at the top there will be more air for my vagina to breath and this perspiration problem may stop. Im just wondering if anyone else has this problem or had this problem and can offer me advice. I wear cotton knickers and nothing on my bottoms at night. i have used vagisil powder in my knickers to try and help but it still doesnt. Its making me very self aware when im intimate with my boyfriend because he can also smell it.

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