Multiple Orgasms

I have a very healthy sexual relationship with my fiance... a bit odd, but amazing nonetheless. But for some reason, my reactions during sex vary. I understand that hormone levels change, but I see no direct pattern. In the last six months, I have experienced something I never knew existed... "multiple orgasms" Just right after another, usually right before or while he orgasms himself. And the feeling itself is euphoric. Has anyone else had any experience with this? How can you keep them coming more constant? I can't find anything on it about controlling them.. If you know of any articles online or find something about how to maintain them, that would be great! ...I figured I'd ask an upbeat question among all of these health scares and lighten the mood, by the way. =)

Ohh beleive me multiple orgasms are for real. I expeirence them quite often when my boyfriend fingers me. Once I get one orgasm, they just keep flowing out one after another. I one night literally had 7 in a matter of an hour it would have been 8 but it started hurting. As the matter of controlling them, ummm I really don't think you can. I really don't get orgasms with sex that much, if I get 1 orgasm out of 4 times, then I'm pretty lucky as most women don't get orgasms through sex that often. So consider yourself lucky to be able to have multiple orgasms. And yes you are correct that our hormone levels change throughout the month, so sometimes sex is better and sometimes worse. Take care.

I have a similar situation! Believe me I am not complaining...for a little while I thought there was something wrong with me, like why was I having so many? I have been unable to count on two hands the number that I get in a given hour since me and my boyfriend of 1 year started having sex. It is anything but a problem, except that I push for sex more than he does! LOL! I thought guys were supposed to be the horny ones lol...

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