Continuous brown vaginal discharge after period

Hello,I have a concern.  The last day of my cycle was the 15th of May.  On the 17th of May, it seemed like my period came back and I had to use pads all day.  From the 18th to today (23rd) I have had continuous brown discharge.  I am very concerned.  Does anyone have any idea what is going on with me?  Sorry to be so graphic...

Hi, I actually have a similar concern but it's not me it's my girlfriend who not only has this brown discharge acelter her period but her period comes every other week and I bet it's not normal at all, however, she is in her third month of taking anti-contraceptive pills. Please I ask anyone who can have some type of info to post it so that I may at least know that it's not something serious.

have you called your doctor? You might have some kind of infection. could it be a part of your period? I take it, it's not the usual pattern of your menstrual cycle, otherwise, you would not be posting. However, i know when my period ends, the last few days it becomes a brown discharge. If it's means it's old blood. Do you have any odor or other symptoms?

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