Yeast problem, itching and brown skin - pls Help

Hi there, It seems that I have a very similar problem.  I am 24 and I am not sexually active.  I had, some years ago, a yeast problem to which I was prescribed some cream to treat it.  Apart from the discomfort of the discharge (and smell) it was also very itchy too and I had a feeling of burn in the vagina area too.  The cream did not help and only made the feeling even more uncomfortable. At the time I remember I had 3 or 4 small brown blisters close to my thigh and I thought it was to do with shaving or something like that so I ignored. Another attempt was made to treat the discharge, so I was also prescribed some pills, which once again were not of any help.  In fact those only made the discharge even worst.  Currently I still have the discharge (with smell), itching, feeling of soreness and the blisters kind of disappeared but it seems that this spread all over my skin in the vagina area since my skin in now dry and brown (and terribly itchy).  Every time I scratch it, bits of died skin come out and if I do it very intensively it bleeds (which I try to avoid). At the time I feel it very itchy, my vagina is seems to be quite warm in comparison with the other parts of my body.  The only way to get this to be less itchy is by cool it down with cold water, which is not always possible, specially when I am not at home! Like three months ago I had a blood test to in order to try to identify the cause of yeast and all the tests came OK.  I asked in specific for a diabetes test just to make sure that the cause of yeast was not to do with abnormal levels of sugar in the blood and the result was negative. I guess that my skin is dry because I use pantyliners every single day and perhaps because my legs are a bit fat, which makes more difficult for that area to breath with ease.  I am obviously very concerned about this, since for years I am in this situation and I have seen no progress so far to get this sorted.  I would be very appreciated if someone could give me some advice! PS:  It seems that whenever I have my period (at least the 1st 3 or 4 days), the feeling of itchiness disappears but then it comes back to normal (very itchy).  I do not use any vaginal spray and I normally wear cotton briefs. Sorry for the long Comment, but I am quite desperate to get this sorted!!! Regards GardenFlower

Hi. I've suffered from yeast infections since I was 17/18...Im now 30. Generally, yeast infections DONT have an odor. Odor usually means that it is a more serious bacterial infection. I KNOW it is hard (b/c I too am suffering from a yeast infection now) but try not to scratch. Each time you use any cream make sure that you wash your hands at least twice with soap and warm water. The pantyliners...well, if you are wearing them everyday your vaginal area is not being able to "breathe". Plus any discharge or perspiration is going to be "stuck", thus allowing the bacteria to grow. They like warm, moist places. Try to wear cotton underwear. Doesn't do much for those sexy intimate moments but you will reap the benefits in the long run. Also try acidiphilus (herb in vitamin section) pills. They help balance the pH balance that's out of whack. You may also try Boric Acid capsules inserted into your vagina. I have NOT been able to find them but I was told by two medical doctors to try this. Finally, go to your local health food store and purchase plain yogurt with live/active cultures (NOTE: Not yoplait or dannon). It must be plain with live/active cultures. Dip a tampon into the yougurt and insert into the vagina for about two hours. Remove and clean. Stay away from douching. It is not good (no matter what the commericals say). They can throw the pH balance off and cause bacteria to have a place to grow. I hope this helps. Good luck..I know how miserable you must feel.

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