please help paranoid i could be pregnant

ive been on the pill for almost 2 years now (yasmin) and i take it pretty much the same time every day sometimes only a few hours late but rarely miss any. I had unprotected sex with my bf during the last active pill on the 3rd row and he did come in me..i then got confused whether to have my period or not so took in active one white tablet but then the next day started a new pack and took 2 active pills my period did come for 2 days but then stopped coz i was taking the active pills. that was about a 2 weeks, and ive been having a really bloated lower abdomen as if there is something in it and even if i havent eaten alot its still more swollen and bloated than normal, not sure if its indigestion or just from skipping my period. My breasts are also quite tender and sore around the outside and i have been feeling a bit of fatigue lately but im not sure if thats just coz ive had a bit of the flu, ive also been having head aches and alot of burping and gas etc my period is due in a bout a week so im not sure if its all just a combination of skipping my period and it being due soon i was just after the chances of being pregnant

If you have unprotected sex on the pill and your bf ejaculates inside you, don't stop taking your pills the way you should...take them exactly how you are supposed to, not taking them correctly is how you get pregnant.

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