Worried i'm pregnant...dont know my cycle so how to test?

Hey guys, I was told i'd get more useful info  on this forum so any help would be appreciated :). So i'm sexually active with my boyfriend, and recently switched to a new mini-pill (recently as in the last 2 months) so my periods havent really settled yet. Anyway, ive missed a couple of pills on separate occasions (stupid I know :( ) but taken the morning after pill both times. Last time I took the morning after pill was a week and a half ago. However my last period was 4 weeks ago, and it still hasnt come. Normally I have a pretty short cycle. I know the morning after pill can delay periods but last time I took it, it didnt, and this means its been delayed by like 2 weeks! Taken 2 pregnancy tests and both negative....the problem is, it says to take the test within a few days of your period being due, but because my cycle hasnt settled with the new pill, I dont KNOW when im due. Help please, or im just gonna end up taking them obsessively every 2 days :(

well firstly your periods are going to be very messed up at the minute as you have took the morning after pill twice and changed pill. take a test 2 weeks after you last had sex for an accurate result

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