vaginal itching burning redness and swelling

I wasn't to sure which topic to put this under so my apologies if its under the wrong one. OK I am almost 17 and I am sexually active. I have never had a problem when having sex before but the last time me and my boyfriend had sex my vagina got real red and swelled. There was also bleeding. Since then I have been experiencing burning when urinating and pain. Along with itching and burning in my vaginal area. Another problem is that my anus has begun to itch. I urinate more frequently too. I can constantly urinate sometimes its only a little bit though but it always burns. I do not have any discharge either. When I go to the bathroom I only urinate I have not passed any feces in 3 days. I have never been to a gynecologist before and don't know if I need to and how to go about asking my mother to get me an appointment. The problems seem to get worse at night. And also when I'm on my period my flow has picked up and it last longer than usual and I am having severe pain the entire time. It has gotten so bad that I physically can not get up. I lay the entire time and can not move; it hurts so bad that I want to scream. I have not had sex with my boyfriend since the last time which was about a week ago(which is how long all of this has been going on)so I don't know if the bleeding was from having rough sex for an extended amount of time or because of something else. I really need some help anything you say will be greatly appreciated.

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