Vaginal sores and cuts

i have deep cuts on the area bellow my vagina from rough sex.  hoping they would heal i waited a day to see what happens.  i began to get excessive vaginal discharge, a little leaning on the orange colour, and one red bump formed on the right lower labia.  then as the days past(3), i now have around ten or more bumps that look like canker sores on my vagina.  it is very difficult to sit and walk...sometimes sleep because of the extreme pain!  could it be a vaginal rip that went wrong- got infected and the surrounding skin got irritated? or is there no other conclusion but an sti or std. please im young and im so scared right now. im getting a appointment with a gyno soon, but im afraid of what we'll conclude to

glad you have a dr appointment, go get it diagnosed and treated. and why are you having rough sex anyway so young? as a mommy type it worries me. stay away from those boys and keep yourself for a man that wants to marry, love and protect you sweetie. you are a beautiful and delicate flower.

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