orgasm question!

Ok - my girlfriend and I are having a discussion. She seems to think that she's experience what she calls 4 orgasms in a row... although she denies any clitoral involvement. I on the other hand can only orgasm with clitoral stimualation, and have NEVER experienced more than 1 orgasm at a time, as I am soooo sensitive after my orgasm. What is the deal with female orgasms? Are there different levels.... variations...?? Any help to answer our questions would be great!

I am 59 years old and can still have very intense orgasms with contractions. I can have C, G, and V spot gasms. In fact, I have been having orgasms since I was 10 years old when some of my friends started masturbating. Have never tried A spot; heard it was fabulous; however, it is not my thing. I am horney all the time; and must get relief at least 3 times a week. In remote spas in the Alps, wealthy older women can get messaged to orgasm; that has been a fantasy of mine. My hub keeps promising it as a gift. My 50 year old hub needs intercourse once a week. Whoever says older women have no libido has not met my younger hubby and me. I have heard women can have orgasms in their late 80s and beyond; basically all their lives; and for many women; sex and orgasm get better with age.

I would consider that a multiple,usually what happens to me is I get more clitoral orgasms, than vaginal, usually the vaginal comes after a few clitoral,you will know when you get a vaginal orgasm, They are more of a stronger feeling,than clitoral, you will be on top of the world after one of them lol, I mean its more of a slower and long lasting feeling than a quick feeling of clitoral, by the sound of things your man knows what he is doing, have fun and enjoy. Sandy. Just to let you know I usually have orgasms right after each other , usually 2-4 within 10 mins, then I get the vaginal near the end. Once you get a vaginal orgasm, you will want more.

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