Breast infection or something else? Help Please.

Hi, I am a 56 year old female who had a hysterectomy in 2006 because of ovarian problems, fibroids, and other things. My question is related to my breasts. I woke up this morning noting my left breast felt tender and somewhat painful, but not severe. Also my skin around the arealo ( nipple ) is pink and warm to the touch. The other breast actually feels cold. I thought it may be the clothes or way I slept, so rechecked it with one of those foreahead thermomenters you use on children. My right breast was so cold on same area near nipple it didn't even register. The Left breast on same area, that is pink and warm changed color showing fever within 20 seconds.           My question is this normal, for one breast to be cold and one warm and pink or red?Should I be watching for anything else? I know when I gave childbirth in the 1970's I had childbed fever and also Mastitis so I am familiar with what that is. I just dont' know if this is normal or should I be concerned. Any advice is welcome, thanks. The only thing new is I got a flu vaccine about 3 days ago.I have had no accidents or hitting of the breast.                                                                      Thanks,                                                                      fluffypurrcat

Hey there! It could well be an infection. It could be due to the flu shot. I know when I had mine earlier in the year I had funny warm spots on my body. Any breast changes should be mentioned to your doctor though. Take care!

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