missed some pills am I pregnant?

Hi everyone. I'm new here, but hope you can give me some opinions or put my mind at ease. Sorry if this seems long. I've been on birth control pills (three different kinds) for three years now. I am not very good at taking them. This month I missed two pill consecutivly the end of the first week or the start of the second week of the pack. I took two pills for the next two days. I have had to double up on pills on three different das since then. I had unprotected sex (monogomously) on a few occasions since then. I am due to start my period on sunday night(when it usually comes). My breasts have been super sore for almost a week and a half now (ouch!), and I've been more moody than usually PMS times, and a little sick at times. Is this all in my head, or am I possibly pregnant? Waiting is killing me!

Beth I myself missed one pill and yes I got pregers. My period didn't come on day 28 so on day 29 I took a test and it was very light so I went to the doctor on day 30 and I was Pregnant. She is 5 now. If your breasts are sore and they are not normaly or as much. If the nipple is red and your breasts are swollen take the test. If you have any other questions you can feel free to email me @ kimberley_822002***@****

Thank you ladies so much. It's day 28 and i haven't started yet, but it usually doesn't come until nighttime (8pm or so). If it never shows, I guess I'll test in the am. I'm scared. I'll let you know how it goes. Kimberly- thank you so much for you kindness. I may take you up on your offer.

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