Foul Vaginal Smell

There is a smell that is on my underwear but it's not in my vagina. It's worst during the week at work, at weekends it's barely noticable. I've not had sex in 4 years so not an std. And it's a really recent thing.

Dear Kim, I think what pinkfluffy is saying is that the smell is different on her knickers than what she would actually expect to smell from inserting a finger in her vagina and taking a whiff. This is a common source of confusion to many females, as it was to me, before understanding that the secretion from the cervix / vaginal walls proper have very little scent in the absence of infection or other abnormal conditions. They DO, however, contain bacteria and cells (bacteria 'food', in a sense), and when mixed with sebum, smegma, external bacteria, urine, sweat, you name it, from the VULVA, they will tend to oxidise, or ferment on the cotton (and especially on synthetic fabrics, which don't 'breathe'.) All of this leads to a smell which is very picquant, and which females tend to be more sensitive to than males, I am told. The summary of my comments are that in absence of other health issues, I would tend to concentrate on diet as the main ingredient in short-term body smell variations, since the vulva is external, and mirrors overall body odour. Spicy foods, such as some exotic asian dishes, may contain a unique spice or veg that your body converts into a pungent external scent. Hope that helps, but please have your doc check you out before too much worry. Garlic and ginger make me smell more, e.g., that I know for certain! :-) Cheers, Ali

i dont really understand what your saying the problem is exactly...your underwear is smelling but the oder is not your vagina..? your underwear just wont start smelling...whatever it is your smelling is comming from your vagina and therfore winding up on your underwear. why do you think this underwear is not comming from your vagina? are you washing properly down there? are you changing your underwear often? i think you could have something going on down there that can be cleared up with medication but im not a would have to see one

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