Reoccuring Yeast Infection and Oral Sex!

My boyfriend and I are really close and have been having amazing sexual intercourse for a long time. Now, my boyfriend and I have been doing oral sex -- well, only I am. I've given him "blow jobs" and he loves them, however, he keeps asking or tries to repay the favour but each time i tell him to stop. It's getting really close to the point where he's wondering why i keep saying no. I have a yeast infection, and it comes a lot. I'm on probiotics and im cutting down on the sugar, but it still comes. I'm embarrassed when he takes off my panties, and i'm scared if he can... (I'm sorry about this) smell it -- considering it's oder. But it's been cutting down, the oder isn't there as much, probably comes once in a while, but its still there. I'm wondering what I should do with my boyfriend wanting to give me oral sex. I need some help on this because it'll be our three year anniversary and I think he's not taking a no for an answer now.

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