pregnancy, mirena, and negative pregnancy tests?

ok, so i have the mirena for three years now. and i feel like i am pregnant. ever since i have the mirena i have had some what "regular" periods. they usually are about 5-7 days and then light pink discharge for another 4-5 days(i haven't been the biggest fan of the mirena because it has cause a lot of infections.) a couple months ago i was put on an antibiotic and while i was on it, i had unprotected sex.  ever since oct. i have been having very light and short periods, headaches, soar breasts and my nipples have gotten larger and some nausea. i did not have any sickness with my first pregnancy so i am pretty confused as to what is going on. i have taken about 12 pregnancy tests and they have all said negative. i even went to the dr last week and they took a urine sample and said i wasn't pregnant. they didn't do blood work or anything. one thing that came to me last night was i didn't realize was pregnant the first time until i was 9 weeks. if i became pregnant when i think i did, i would be 12 wks. my questions is has anyone ever gotten pregnant on the mirena and if so, did they take a pregnancy test and it said negative a few times before they had a positive?? i am wondering if the hormones in my birth control are throwing off the pregnancy tests?

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