nipple itching and dryness

For the past couple of weeks my right breast has been very itchy and dry on the nipple. Also my nipples are inverted, is that normal?  I'm only in my twenties ,is it possible for me to have breast cancer this young?

I agree with learner--inverted nipples are normal. This might be TMI...but just to make you feel better about how common it is...after my children were born and I was trying to breast feed, when my breasts became engorged, my nipples inverted. They have "shields" for this that draws them out. So, no worries. If devices exist to fix this, then lots of women must have them!!!

That doesnt sound like breast cancer... Have you been putting lotion on? That helps when Im dry.. Have you changed ur detergent? That could cause irritation. An inverted nipple is also normal.. Doesnt sound like too much to worry about. If it continues to bother you see ur doctor.

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