Painful Bumps on bikini line

I get these big painful bumps on my bikini line every time I shave. I shave everywhere down there but the bikini line is the only place where I get bumps. They are kind of like big pimples because I can squeeze them and white puss comes out, but it really hurts to squeeze or even touch them.Even walking can be painful at times. Sometimes they bleed a little. I have been getting these bumps ever since I started shaving there at age 14. I am now 20. They seem to be a little worse than they used to be and I have a few ugly scars from past ones. My husband and myself would like to know how to treat this asap. If anyone has any advice on what this is or how to treat it I would really appreciate it! thanks!

Ok not a big issue... try a few different soak before shaving.. a razor should only be used 3 times because it holds dead skin no matter how clean it looks which could cause a staph infection... next different underwear may help maybe none when you shave less irritation!!! try using the bikini bumps cream which helps alot! i recommend the mens nivea cream it works very fast. Use it for 3 days after shaving. I think it could be ur razor try sensitive and buy a big pack and when you shave follow the hair never go against the hair which will cause pimple like bumps in just that area. Try moisturizing before you shave for an hour a thick lotion or conditioner so its soft when you shave and dont shave hard be gentle it is a gentle area... GOOD LUCK TO YOU TWO WITH THIS

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