Irregular Mensrtual Period

For about a year or so I've noticed after my 5 day menstral cycle, I have brown discharge and sometimes dark brown blood with long blood clots that smell.  I feel as if my period lasts for 2 weeks before I don't see anything far as discharge or blood or clots or sign of a period.  I only have 2 weeks out of a month when myy vagina is actually clean and free from odor, blood, and blood clots.  What does this mean?  Most times I don't have cramps, I get those every blue moon and most times they are not bad cramps, but then sometimes I get them and their horrible maybe 6 times out of a year.  In have been writing on my calendar and I realize this has been happening over one year, what moust I do?  What is the problem.  I do fel slight cramping right now, I should have been off my period about 3 days ago.

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