Forgotten diaphragm???????

I am freaking out right now!  My last few periods have been dark and foul smelling---I recently had a baby and was on the minipill/breastfeeding...had just stopped the minipill and attributed the change in menstration to that.  But again I had a horrible foul smelling period this month.  So I started looking up things online--one of the things mentioned was that a so-called "lost" tampon can cause this problem.  I was completely sure I hadn't forgotten a tampon!  Who does such a thing?!  But I thought I had better check--to my HORROR, it was not a tampon, but my diaphragm from MONTHS ago that was forgotten.  I don't know how this happened but sure enough, there it was.  Needless to say I removed it.  It's Saturday so I can't call my Dr.  I have no symptoms of TSS or anything like that but I'm thinking I should be checked out or something.  I can't find anything online about someone leaving a diaphragm in--only tampons.  HELP!

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