Vaginal Swelling and Itching after Sex

This past weekend my boyfriend came to visit me and we had sex everyday for the 4 days he was in town,some of which was a bit rough. About the 2nd day I noticed I was swelling down there and it became very sore almost to touch and it was hard for him to 'get in'. I was recently treated for chlymidia almost 2weeks ago now. Could that have anything to do with it? We used protection but one condom broke and he came inside me. He was cleared of all std's so its not a reinfection..what is going on? I'm not sure if I'm allergic to latex or his semen? Someone Please help I'm having a burning and itching sensation along with the swelling

Sounds like between the rough sex and the condom you got a bit of a reaction. It is very common. Unfortunately us women get the bad results from passionate sex! The condom more than likely was rubbing and chaffing you. Buy some lubricant. NOT oil based...ONLY water based and use this next time. I'd suggest a pregnancy test soon too. Depending on when in your cycle the condom broke you might become pregnant. Cheers

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