Vaginal Itching, swollen

I've been sexually active for about a year now... I have a new boyfriend (#2) we've been together for bout 3 months, the first 2 months everything was ok, but this last month i've been experiencing some sympthoms after sex. I'm on the pill (started 2 month ago) now, During sex, sometimes, i do not lubricate properly which causes a huge amount of burning sensation  and swelling after sex. Sometimes my vaginal lips are so swollen that its painful and i cant even touch it. After sex i cant pee because it burns. I also clean myself after sex, but the burning its so bad that i cry. This had happened like 5 times, and it usually last a couple of hours and then it goes away. But last time i had sex was a week ago, again the swelling and the burning sensation appeared after sex but now i've been having vaginal itching for this whole week. About 3 days ago i was also feeling nipple sensitivity and cramps. I also have vaginal discharge but it doesnt smell at all and its either white or cream color. I should be getting my period next week. Im desperate and i really need help because the itching is killing me. HELP!!!!

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