merina work well ???

so i got merina in October of 2009 and at first a bleed for like a month and now i only have a period for like 3 days and they are light. but i get pains now in my stomach and i think i could be pregnant ... idk if thats possible but my boobs are tender and the pains sometimes hurt and i been gaining weight so i need answers please ....

yes it's possible to get pregnant on mirena. take an hpt. if it's positive call your ob asap and let him/her know so they can remove the mirena. from what i understand most mirena pregnancies do end in miscarriage BUT i've also read that a lot of women have carried the pregnancy full term to have 100% healthy babies. i had the mirena for 16 months and i HATED it. the only good thing was a 3 day period. other than that...i was miserable. i was depressed, loosing my hair, moody, cranky, had HORRIBLE acne break outs and gained 45 lbs. I've been off mirena for almost 3 months and my hair is growing back, no more acne and i've lost 15 lbs. : o) granted my side affects only happen to about 5% of women was still miserable.

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