severe odor change in period

Hello, my daughter starter her period when she was 9. I have always been concerned. I started my period at 10 so it was not to big of a SHOCK. She is 11 now and is getting used to her period, it has always been very heavy and comes often. I have taken her to the doctors in the past and had blood work and got her and ultra sound and everything was fine. She went to Disneyland and started her period. when she came home she smelled very strong of refried beans (weird I know) , not fishy at all. She took 2 showers but odor is still there. She is more tired then normal and the smell is still very baddddd . It's been 4 days now . Should I take her to her doctor????????                                                                   Thanks,                                                                           Sincerly very worried mommy

Im guessing that this isnt something to be really worried about. Odor can vary from person to person with levels of hormones in her body when she does get her period. She is 11, and there is a lot od changes happening in her body, and this could be why. I would take her to the doctor to make sure everything is ok anyways. Hope this helps.

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