Bumps On Vaginal Area? Help!

Im 13 years old and for the first time like last month or so i had shaved my pubic area.  After doing so it was itchy down their for about 3 days, then i noticed 2 little pimple bumps on the right flap of my pubic area.  They don't hurt at all they just sit their unless i touch them i dont notice them. I have never had sex before in my life. Im very worried about this and i want to be discret about it, my mom doesnt know no one knows i need help NOW! ...Also last month i started my period for the first time if that helps at all. Im guessing it could be hairs growing or bumps from shaving with a razor for the first time anything , anything will help thank you!

Hey, I just started shaving my pubic area recently too. You can get shaving gel or cream, and a little baby oil on the area after shaving really cuts down on the itching, and can help keep the skin soft incase of ingrown hairs. Just remember not to shave over the same area too often, and give yourself a few days inbetween each shave, especially when you just start. The razor burn should go away after awhile. Good luck =)

It's just razor burn sweetie!! NOTHING to worry about at all. Try using shaving cream. I actually sometimes put deodorant down there after I shave. It can help with the bumps and the itching.

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