nausea DURING bowel movements

I have issues with my bowels and intestines.  I had colonoscopy one month ago, Dr finds nothing wrong, and no solution.  I often have urgent need to move bowels.  Sometimes, during the urgent bowel movement, extreme nausea (i sometimes vomit after bowel movement). usually, after the movement of substance out of my bowels, the nausea stops.  it seems as if the actual movement of substance THRU the bowels causes nausea in my stomach.  any suggestions as to other options?  i tried logging diet and bm for a month and found no clues as to dietary causes.  thank you so much for your time.

I get this too. The dr told me it was irritable bowel syndrome. I also get severe cramps sometimes when I have to go to the bathroom. One time I actually passed out while sitting on the toilet and fell right on my face. The dr. gave me a medicine that is supposed to relax the bowel and it has helped. When I feel the cramping symptoms coming on I take it and I haven't had any more of the vomiting or passing out.

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