What does it mean when my bowel movement hurts?

For the past year, sometimes when I do a bowel movement it kills and I notice blood surrounding my poop and when I wipe there is blood on the toilet paper. It has been happening more regularly. I also suffer from headaches almost once a week if not more ( I'm not sure if its from my contacts/glasses or something else) and I take advil or aleve to get rid of the headaches. This never happened to me before a year ago. The last time I did a bowel movement it really hurt and I almost had to stop because it wasn't coming out.It finally did with a little bit of pushing and waiting, but on the left hand side of my lower stomach it starting to hurt, and still does. My diet isnt perfect, so I could improve on that. I bassically eat everything, chicken, beef, bread, very little milk, ham, cheese and I drink a lot of tea and maybe 2 glasses of water a day. The night before this bowel movement I had ground beef in my dinner, and I find that every-time this happens it is after a meal that has beef in it. Could that be causing it? Any ideas to what is causing this to happen and how I can fix it will be greatly appreciated as I am to embarrassed to go to the doctors to explain this, but I will have to if it doesn't change soon! Thanks!

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